Desert Neighbors 2016 - This project is about a peace advocate and a gun owner coming together and having a conversation. About listening and hearing and finding common ground. I did this and the result was surprising. These prints are the result of those conversations. 

Desert Neighbors  
For the work on view at the “GUNS” show I detoured from the plants on my desert property to my neighbors homes. I am breaking all desert convention by approaching my neighbors, and then, armed with the with the knowledge that desert people own guns, I ask if they have a gun and would they “let me make a cyanotype print of it?” The resulting sun print, the shadow cast by the weapon on the paper, is like a medical X-Ray, a transposed view of the object inviting identification of underlying pathology, underlying cultural understandings. The resulting brilliant blue life sized shadow of a weapon is the result of a conversation with the owner. The result of “conversations we do not have”.

LIMITED EDITION ARTIST BOOK, EDITION of 50 with actual photographic print insert.