FAR BAZAAR 2017 . Association of Hysteric Curators . #HOMEECONOMICS 
January 27 & 28 2017


 Mary Anna Pomonis and Allison Stewart

Matilda, a collaborative photo project

·       Kari Vargas as Aethelflaed ($600 )

·       Diana Sofia-Estrada as María Chinchilla Recinos   ($600)

·       Rachel Finkelstein as Lilith($600)

·       Allison Stewart as Margaret Skinnider ($600)

·       Sandra Vista as Florencia Adela Marcus Arqualla ($800)


Inspired by the stories left out of mandated textbook curriculum. The Resurrecting Matilda, series focuses on the historical erasure of women from academic discourse. The phenomenon,The Matilda Effect was named for the women’s-rights activist Matilda Joslyn Gage, and refers to the erasure of female scientists who have been left out of textbooks and their accomplishments credited to their male peers. The photographs explore the timeline of female historical erasures from the Sumerian poet Enheduanna, the world’s first recorded author, to Laskarina Bouboulina, the first female Navy admiral in history.

The female participants were asked to identify a heroine they could embody in a portrait re-enactment photo. A special focus was placed on women the participants felt were left out of the historical metanarrative. The women collaborated to create the costumes and poses exhibited in the series. The participants thus far have been female-identifying artists, writers, and academics chosen widely from a diversity of cultures. Many have contributed quotes and texts to share about the historic women they have chosen to embody.

Resurrecting Matilda WorkshopThe Saturday 11 AM
 Home wrecker collage with Mary Anna Pomonis & Allison Stewart. We will

utilize old out of date mandated home economic textbooks as source materials for participants to examine the historical idealization of the role of women in the home and their anonymity to the wider economics of society.

Each participant will be given a textbook to cut up and repair with drawings and photos of women who are less than ideal house keepers missing from the original. The finished books with their collaged and embellished parts will be placed on display in the gallery and photographed for posterity.

For more info see Resurrecting Matilda