2016      Seeing the Unseen,  100-Foot Rope  Offramp Gallery  Spring                                                                                                                  

2015        BODIES (Cyanotypes) groundspace Los Angeles Opening Reception Saturday Sept 13, 6 - 9, 1427 E Fourth Street Los Angeles         2014        Ruptured: girls at eleven, Ave 50 Studio Gallery, Los Angeles, September 2014 
2013        Rightsizing Narrative Los Angeles Center for Digital Art October 2013
2012        Compare & Contrast, Wallspace Gallery, Los Angeles, Dec 2012
Past & Present: Boulders & The Crying Desert Joshua Tree October 2012       
2010         Rightsizing Narrative Kristi Engle Gallery, Los Angeles, April 2010
2007        12.26  Kristi Engle Gallery, Los Angeles, Jan 2007
2005        Surface Streets, Kristi Engle Gallery, Los Angeles, Summer 2005
2004        Still Live, Bickett Gallery, Raleigh, North Carolina, November 2004
2002        Memories of Childhood, Los Angeles Cultural Affairs’ Canoga Park Youth Art Ctr Gallery, LA

2014        Being Here and There, Curated Sant Khalsa, MOAH Lancaster November 2014
2012        Wilderness Mind: Dissolving Duality, Angles Gate Cultural Center, San Pedro, 2012 Runoff - Who Gets the Water in a Desert?
2009        REBUS Amelia Museum of Archeology, Amelia Italy Summer 2009 Runoff - Who Gets the Water in a Desert?
2006        Zoom! Planes, Trains & Automobiles, Anchorage Museum of History & Art, Alaska, 2006  - 2007 Installation:  Surface Streets 2005        Drive Time Exhibit, Wignall Museum Gallery, Chaffey College, Rancho Cucamonga, CA,   2005 Installation:  Surface Streets

2015       Sampled, Curated by Anita Bunn, Offramp Gallery, Los Angeles April 2015
2015       Female Power Association of Hysteric Curators, DAC Gallery,  March  2015
               Reimagining Femmage, Foundry Art Centre, St Louis MO February 2015
               Voices: An Artist Perspective, National Association of Women Artists Gallery, NY April 2015
               Transforming Community, WCA at Westbeth, New York February 2015
2014        Heads Will Roll, Coagula Curatorial, LA August 2014
               LA Contraventions, Gallery Merkel, Germany June 2014
                  Gallery Tally  For Your Art, Los Angeles, April 2014
2013        Arroyo Arts Discovery Tour, Exhibition, November 9 – Dec 8 2013
                “Narrative Space” Venice Art Center, Los Angeles November 2013
                The Art of Photography Show, San Diego October, 2013
                 Material Witness, Georgia Sept – October 2013
                 Love for Sale: 200 clams, XVY Art Gallery, Los Angeles January 2013
2012       Terrestrial Life, Gallery 825, Los Angeles, Oct – Nov 2012
                Photography Exhibition, Palos Verdes Art Center, June –August
               Wilderness Mind: Dissolving Duality, Angles Gate Cultural Center, San Pedro May 20 – Aug 18
               Photo LA: Artist Invitational “LA Artist BookArts” Jan 2012
2011        Yea Big: small works, Stephen Cohen Gallery, Los Angeles   Nov 2011– Jan 2012                 
               Chain Letter 2012, Shoshanna Wayne Gallery, LA Summer 2012
2011        OUT THERE, “girls at eleven” series, Gallery 825, Los Angeles 2011 June
                Summer Reading, Letters to Mother, Stephen Cohen Gallery, Los Angeles   June – July 2011
                4th Annual Intl Plastic Camera Show, Rayco Photo Center, San Francisco March 2011    
                 SEE THRU: FRACTAL, ICON Gallery, and Los Angeles October 2010

2010        SEE THRU: FRACTAL, Gallery 825, Los Angeles August 2010
                 3rd Annual Juried Exhibition, Sylvia White Gallery, Ventura CA  2010
                 SUMMER MIX, LACMA PAC Creative Photography Workshop, Los Angeles 2010
                 BLUE PLANET, SomArt CENTER, SF July 2010
                 MEMORYS TOUCH,  Broome Library Gallery, CSU Channel Islands 2010

                 GroupSC2009  Gallery Skart MOPLA Projection 2010
                  REBUS RECONSTRUCTURING, Center for the Art in Eagle Rock 2010
                   From the Center: Now! Woman Made Gallery, Chicago 2010
                  GroupLA2008, Los Angeles Art Show 2010
                  Group Show 33, Humble Arts Foundation, NY,, Winter 2010
2009        I SPY, A& I Photographic, December 2009
                  New & Improved II LACDA Los Angeles October 2009
                  REBUS Amelia Museum of Archeology, Amelia Italy July-August 2009
                  GroupLA2008 Gallery Skart, Santa Monica, April May 2009
                  Sustainability, Woodbury University Hollywood Exhibitions, March 2009
2008        Novella, Gallery 825, Los Angeles Art Association, September 2008
                 New and Improved, LACDA, Los Angeles Center for Digital Art, June 2008
                  Here & Now, Brand 37 Works on Paper, Juried Kim Abbles, October 2008
                  Christmas Show, Project Room, Stephen Cohen Gallery, Dec 2008
                  Thirteen: Photographers from Southern California, Cuesta College Art Gallery, California. March
2007        The Art of Photography Show 2007. Award Winner, Juried by Tim Wride, San Diego
                 Forever Lost? . Long View Gallery, Raleigh, North Carolina, February 2007             
                  Women’s Work is Never Done, Fullerton College Art Gallery, January 2007            
2006        That Show, Gallery Revisited, Los Angeles Dec 2006
                  TREE, Farmani Gallery, Los Angeles September
                  Chain Letter, High Energy Constructs, Chinatown LA,
                  Art World Poker I-5 Gallery at The Brewery Los Angeles
                  BIANNUAL Curated by Jeremy Strick, LAAA South/Napoliollo Gallery, Hermosa Beach
                  Venice Art Walk & Auctions, Focus on Photography, 2006 Venice CA
                  Photo Exhibition: Techniques From 1860 to 2006, FIRST PLACE, Long Beach Arts, Long Beach
                  FOH Exhibit for Photo LA/Lucie Award Reception, Ocean Front Gallery, Venice CA
2005        "Installed" directed by Barbara T. Smith, LAAA / Gallery 825, La Cienega, Los Angeles CA,                  
                  “Ritual 1: Birthday” installation of Photographs, mixed media, and discarded objects.

                  Petite Works LAAA/ G825 Bergamont Station, Santa Monica, December
                  F Stops Here, Juried by Amanda Doenitz, Gallery 825 Los Angeles, CA 
                  Create Fixate, 2nd Annual Photography Show, Los Angeles, CA July 2005,
                  Teen Parents, Project Show, Julia Dean Workshops Gallery, Venice CA
                   Innocence Lost, Juried by Eleana Del Rio, Gallery 825, La Cienega, Los Angeles,
                  Girl at Eleven, One Foot After Another, Mark Woolley Gallery, Portland Oregon
2004        F Stops Here, Juried by Tim Wride, Gallery 825 Los Angeles, CA  2004,    Surface Sts  
                 Visual Vernacular, Juried by Noel Korten, Gallery 825 Los Angeles, CA  2004
                  Intl Fine Art Photography, Ctr. for Fine Art Photography, Fort Collins MOCA, Colorado, 2004, 3rd       Place
                  White Plains, Gallery 825 LA, CA April 2004,
2004        Between One and Ten, Juried by Jack Rutberg, Gallery 825, Los Angeles, CA Feb 2004
1999        The Phillips Mill Photographic Exhibition, New Hope, PA1999,
1998        Still Life Exhibition, Photography Collective, Los Angeles, 1998
               New Photography 1998, Millard Sheets Gallery, Los Angeles County Fair, First, and (4) HM
1997        New Photography 1997, Millard Sheets Gallery, Los Angeles County Fair, Honorable Mention
1995        Spring Street Gallery Group Show August 1995
1995        P.L.A.N. Photography Los Angeles Now with LACMA at the Unity Art Center July 1995
1994        Photo Consortium Group Show, Random Gallery, May 1994

2013        Inaugural Fresh Perspectives Visiting Curator Award for “Narrative Space” Photo Show at Venice Art Center, November 2013
2010        Curious Camera, 2nd Annual Competition,  Third Place
2008        Selected, Transformation Participating Spaces, FotoFest
2007        Women In Photography International 2007 Competition, Honorable Mention

                  The Art of Photography Show 2007. Award Winner, Lyceum Theatre Gallery, San Diego,
2006        Women In Photography Turning Silver, 2006, Honorable Mention

                  Photo Exhibition: Techniques From 1860 to 2006, FIRST PLACE, Long Beach Arts, Long Beach

2005        IPA Awards 2005, Fine Art- Honorable Mention, People-Honorable Mention,

                   LACMA – Art Here And Now, Surface Streets, 2005/2006

                  “Top 40” LACDA International Juried Competition Winners Show, LA Center for Digital Art,

                 ARTSEEN, Emerging Artists Award,  James Elaine:  Hammer, Howard Fox: LACMA, jurors,

                  Decisive Moments, Women In Photography Intl., 2005, Third Place; Honorable Mention,

2004        Virtual Visual, Women In Photography Intl., 2004 Honorable Mention

                  Intl Fine Art Photography, Ctr. for Fine Art Photography, Fort Collins MOCA, Colorado, 3rd Place

                  Alternative Photography Competition, Julia Dean Workshops, Venice, CA  2nd  Place

1998        New Photography 1998, Los Angeles County Fair, First, and (4) Honorable Mention

1997        New Photography 1997, Los Angeles County Fair, Honorable Mention



2014        Joshua Tree: Find a Boulder, an Artist Handout with image guide and map for Being Here and There, (Landscape Exhibit) MOAH Lancaster November 2014

2012        Meg Madison, The Stream of Life, Los Angeles 2012. Photography by Meg Madison, Text excepts from The Stream of Life by Clarice Lispector, Translated by E. Lowe & E. Fritz, Letterpress, Silver gelatin prints, Linen thread, Paper, Linen Cloth, 21 pages, Edition of 10                                 

2010     Meg Madison, Letters to Mother Los Angeles 2010, in edition of 20. Deconstructed children’s book, Teddybears Cookbook, Susanna Gretz & Alison Sage, Doubleday 1978 with original 32 pages replaced by 34 pages of Artist Inserts. Original cover and flypaper retained

2008        Meg Madison, Nine Thousand Ninety, Hand Sewn Booklet Edition of 20, Photos of Hands              

                  administering chemotherapy and radiation, 2008

2005        Meg Madison, 12.26 Photographs of discarded Christmas tree in hand sewn binding by artist   

                  Charlene Matthews. Limited Edition of 20. December 2005


2015        Leah Ollman, Spirited Tussle with photos. Thread wraps art, LA Times March 13, 2015
2015        Colin Westerbeck. The Here and Now, From A to Z, Artillery March-April 2015 
2013        Betty Ann Brown, Artweek.LA, Other Visions, Other Venues: Two Indie Curatorial Projects in Los Angeles, November 2013
2012        Lisa Young De-Leon, Wallspace LA: Compare and Contrast, December 2012
2012        Art Picks: Meg Madison, Photography Palos Verdes Art Center, Wilderness Mind: Dissolving Duality, Angles Gate Culture Center,                       This is the South Bay, July 6, 2012 
2012        ITCH Magazine, e-issue # 10, May 2012
2010       LAAA, Icon LA, & CalTech Connection, SEE THRU Catalog, Los Angeles 2010
                Photo Techniques,<<Underexposed, Oct 2010, Rightsizing Narrative, Meg Madison, LA  
                BW Gallerist, Preview: Meg Madison at Kristi Engle Gallery,
               Tim B. Wride, The Curatorial Eye, Estate Sale, March 2010
2009        I SPY, A& I Photographic Publishing December 2009
2007        Hayden’s Ferry Review, 12.26 pictures, No. 41 2007 p 70. 71. 72
2007        Jacquelyn Davis, “Meg Madison”, ArtUS May 2007, Page 27
2007        Kim Beil, “Meg Madison at Kristi Engle Gallery”, Artweek. Volume 38. Issue 2. March 2007, Pg 18
2007         12.26 Catalogue, 20 pages, 7.5" x 7.5" Essay by Holly Myers, Kristi Engle Gallery 2007
2007         Holly Meyer, 12.26 Exhibition Catalog Essay, Kristi Engle Gallery, February 2007
2007           Bill Lasarow, ”Continuing and Recommended”, ArtsScene, California. February 2007
2006        Anchorage Museum of History and Art, ZOOM! Planes, Trains & Automobiles 2006, Catalog
2005        Meg Madison,12.26 Photographs of discarded Christmas tree in hand sewn binding by artist
2005        Charlene Matthews. Limited Edition of 20. December 2005
2005        Holly Myers, “Lie Down, Roll Over, But Never Beg, The Everyday Car Show”, LA Times, July 1, 05

        Elenore Welles, “July Preview- Meg Madison, Surface Streets”, Artscene, Cal July 2005,

                  FLM magazine, Spring 2005, Kelly Makes a Movie” cover photo

1994        The Photo Review (Photography Publication) Summer 1995, “Claire at 7” 1994



2015        SEEING THE UNSEEN ,OIMOA (Optical Image Makers of America)  Curated exhibit of work exploring tension between the Seen and the Unseen taking inspiration from the essay, The Invisibles, by David Abram. Our exhibition builds on the insights of Abram, Judd and other artists in the post-modern tradition, and seeks to further their examinations by discovering what can occur when the invisible and visible collapse in upon each other.  We will be looking for work where the invisible and the visible are combined in a way that brings about a wholly new and metamorphic result.  We believe the important thing is to pay attention to the unexpected and the phenomenal.  

2014        THE ASSICIATION OF HYSTERIC CURATORS - a fluid, evolving, trans-generational group of women who gather bi-weekly to share in a discussion around contemporary feminist practices and the historicity of the term. We seek to explore notions of the feminine and the presence of gendered articulations through a non hierarchical structure, working towards a provisional partnerships , film screenings, and exhibitions at Los Angeles art spaces and institutions.

2013        OIMOA – Optical Image Makers of America, (with Kireilyn Barber & Walker) Inaugural Fresh Perspectives Visiting Curator Award for “Narrative Space” Group Photography show at Venice Art Center, Venice November 2013 with Kireilyn Barber, Anita Bunn, Bia Gayotto, Sant Khalsa, Meg Madison, Kyungmi Shin, Gregory Walker & Performance by Nancy Popp and Ali Tobias

2012        Past & Present: Boulder & The Crying Desert Joshua Tree October 2012 with Barbara Desantis and David Ordaz. Site specific installation for HiWY 62 ART TOURS where visitors walk in the desert with map to assist in locating the boulders in the photos and hear the sound installation of inhabitants of the desert past and present. A bubbling brook under footbridge over a dried up wash, an early Native American chant, wailing woman, and others sounds.

2012        EcoArts Collective ( WCA) Wilderness Mind: Dissolving Duality Exhibition, Performance Day , & Panel at Angeles Gate Cultural Center. May 2012

2010        SEE THRU : Assemble: After Le Dejeuner, A science-art collaboration with Dori Atalntis, Ching Ching Chen, & Mei Xian Qui with scientific guidance of Dr. Shin Shimojo creating a sculptural photographic installation that deconstructs a photograph into fragments for the viewer to construct by bits and pieces exploring perception and visual reconstruction.

2010        GroupSC 2009 Curator, MOPLA Gallery Skart Santa Monica April 2010

2006        photodisruption,  Kristi Engle Gallery, July 15 to August 26 2006, Curator of group show               

                  featuring seven artists using photography as material. Suzanne Adelman, Danielle B. Ashton,     

                  Mimi Drop, Alyssa Gorlick, Lesley Krane, Rosalyn Myles, and Kyungmi Shin

2005        Photography: NOW!, Artspeak G825 November 2005, Panel discussion about collecting,              

                  producing, and appreciating photography with local Los Angeles writer, photography gallery     

                  director, and photographers.

2003         “Teen Parents” photo essay/book project with visiting nurse/writer Blandine Hendelman on teen parents visits in South Central Los Angeles and other Southern California cities.Supporting change with photography in the lives of Los Angeles under served teen parents. 2003/2006


1994        Metro Mural Project Barnsdall Art Park with Stuart Vaughn, Barnsdall, Los Angeles, 1995. The opening exhibited 25 B&W prints by M Madison “Los Angeles Children Making Tiles” 1994-95




2005        Surface Streets, 2005, cell phone videos of driving in Los Angeles. Edited w StuartRobertson.

1986        Leaving 1986, A woman’s journey leaving as she examines  sentimental objects 16mm short

1987        Not a Through Street 1987, Two women discuss relationships and sex while driving.16mm


-Board of Directors, Program Committee Chair, Treasurer, Los Angeles Municipal Art Gallery Associates at Barnsdall 2008 - 2012

-Organizer, Moderator, Artist Critique Groups (based on SITE model), Los Angeles Art Association 2007-2012

-Art Donations:  Craft & Folk Art Museum, SF Camerawork, Paws LA, Project Angel Food, LA Municipal Art Gallery at Barnsdall, Venice Art Walk, Breaking in Two: Women Make Movies, Center for Arts at Eagle Rock, LAAA, Photo Review, Life Support Japan, Fresh Start, Art Share LA, LAAA / Gallery 825, etc.



1987        BA Film San Francisco State University 1987

                  Otis College of Art (photography courses) 1993-1996