You are always welcome at Jemez Homestead: STOLEN Land 

The house is usually free during the week and in all summer.  Jemez is available for rent through Airbnb and VRBO to help pay for the expense, property taxes, WIFI, water, utilities, etc. etc. 

You are welcome to be a guest of the house on weekends if we are there and there is space. Should you want Jemez: STOLEN all to yourself you can book it through the Airbnb or VRBO links above and we will give you 40% off.  Or directly and pay the cleaning fee of $75 and $100 per night plus the TOT tax of 7%. Always open to work trades and other arrangements. 

If want to make a contribution towards any costs, housekeeping, WIFI, WIFI, water,  it is always welcome. 

PAYPAL SITE and send money to
PAYPAL ME: Jemez Homestead