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Association of Hysteric Curators #HOMEECONOMICS

This coming year, 2017, marks the fortieth anniversary of the Foundation for Art Resources (FAR -, one of the oldest artist-run non-profits in Southern California. To honor this major milestone of 40 years, FAR is collaborating with Cerritos College to host its biggest FAR Bazaar event ever. In February of 2017, after over 55+ years of use, Cerritos College will be retiring and demolishing its existing Fine Arts complex. This mid-century modernist structure, now sits side-by-side with its replacement, a massive new Fine Arts building to be completed in December 2016. Before the old building is torn down, however, Cerritos College, with the help of FAR, will transform every abandoned classroom and administrative space into temporary exhibitions, each to be guest-curated by local art collectives and alternative art spaces, as well as the graduate programs from regional colleges, universities, and art schools.

 A VIP opening taking place on the night of Friday, January 27th, with two day-long events taking place Saturday (28th) and Sunday (29th), to include a food truck festival in the parking lot, a series of panel discussions, ongoing musical/dance performances, video screenings, and an art book fair.

Coming to the Table,  Angles Gate Cultural Center, June - August 2016


Angels Gate Cultural Center is pleased to present Coming to The Table; an exhibition and series of programming organized by the Association of Hysteric Curators (AHC). The AHC is a fluid trans-generational group of feminists dedicated to cultural discussions around contemporary feminist issues in a non-hierarchical structure. Coming to the Table presents a diverse range of voices that consider gender in dialogue with issues of memory, place, community, intimacy, race, labor, sexuality, autonomy, and the future of feminism. AHC will be in residence in the Community Room, Community Gallery and Project Space, presenting new art works generated during the residency throughout the summer. Participating artists include: Kim Abeles, Lili Bernard, Carolyn Castaño, Armando Cortes, Diana-Sofia Estrada, Rachel Finkelstein, Sacha Finn, Christine Dianne Guiyangco, Siobhan Hebron, Meg Madison, Thinh Nguyen, Blue Orchard, Mary Anna Pomonis, Linda Ravenswood, Cindy Rehm, Kim Russo, Allison Stewart, Marjan K. Vayghan, The Window Between Worlds, and Michiko Yao.

Coming to the Table uses the table as a metaphor and actual gathering space. The show will feature tables that are integral to workshops and performances. Throughout Western history, patriarchy has been firmly seated at the head of the cultural table and has dictated the forms, content, and conversations around cultural production. First wave feminism unearthed the voices of our creative fore mothers and revealed a rich and vital legacy. In order to visualize this inversion of power structures the spaces throughout the exhibition will feature tables that are integral to the workshops and performances that take place and will function independently as sites for art. These tables will act as markers signaling the change from a paradigm of boardroom table decision making within curatorial practice to a living room table model as a dynamic site of communal sharing, making and conversation. The visual art will coexist with the tables creating a salon feel to the room, an invitation to visitors to exchange with the artists.

The opening reception will be Saturday June 18th from 2- 5pm and a closing reception August 21 from 1-5. Calendar of Events for the AHC residency at Angel’s Gate Cultural Center:

  • June 18 performances by Christine Dianne Guiyangco, Siobhan Hebron, Thinh Nguyen, Linda Ravenswood and Cindy Rehm, Cyanotype Workshop by Meg Madison
  • June 25 Workshops: Carolyn Castaño “Other Feminist Histories” and Lili Bernard “Silent No More”
  • July 16 Rachel Finkelstein + Sacha Finn “Safe Space”, Kim Russo “Project About Family”, Marjam K. Vayghan and Meg Madison “40 Famous Women”, “Blue Orchard Dinner Conversation” off-site with Christine Dianne Guiyangco and Amrnado Cortes
  • August 21 “Uncommon Curriculum”, Mary Anna Pomonis and Allison Stewart, “Touchstones”, Cathy Salser with Window Between Worlds, and closing, “Yami Pot” feast