FAR BAZAAR 2017 . Association of Hysteric Curators . #HOMEECONOMICS 
January 27 & 28 2017


Deb Adams-Wells

“I was lucky enough when I was growing up that my school made everyone take home economics AND shop class.  It was not gender specific which I thought was really cool.  After high school, I went on to get my undergrad degree in Industrial Arts to teach grades 7-12.  I was one of 5 girls out of 100 students in my major.  I felt really strongly that I could help encourage other girls to do the work that was more male oriented in society.  And visa versa—get the guys in the kitchen, teach them to sew, etc…Anyway, these programs were being phased out of schools by the time I got my degree and I never ended up teaching. So it’s interesting to look in on home economics today—I really have no idea what is being taught or if it even is at all!  ”  -Deborah Adams-Wells, Discussing #homeeconomics Dec 2016